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The goal of "Project Masjid As-Sahabah" is to build a Masjid to offer spiritual, religious, educational, social, cultural and similar activities, to the Muslim community of Eagan and its vicinity.

Virtues of Building a Masjid

  • "The example of those who spend their property in the way of Allah is as that of a grain growing seven ears (with) a hundred grains in every ear; and Allah multiplies for whom He pleases; and Allah is Ample-giving, Knowing." (Quran 2:261)
  • "The Masajid's of Allah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practice regular charity, and fear none (at all) except Allah. It is they who are expected to be on true guidance." (Quran 9:18)
  • Rasulullah (Sallellahu Alihe Wassalam) said, "Whosoever builds a house (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in paradise."(at-Tirmidhi, Ibn Khuzaymah, Ibn Hibban, Abu Dawud, and Ahmad)
  • Uthman (RA) said, I heard the Rasulullah (Sallellahu Alihe Wassalam) said: "Whoever builds a Masjid, desiring thereby Allah's pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in Paradise."(Bukhari: Vol 8, Chapter 65)

Your opportunity to earn immense reward which will continue even in the Hereafter

As-Sahabah Cultural Association, State of Minnesota Registered Non-Profit IRS 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization has been working on to build a Masjid since 2007. Email us if you need a copy of the Not-for-Profit Certificate of Incorporation.

This is a great opportunity to participate in the effort of Deen. It would be a great investment for our future generations, and Sadqa-e-Jariyah.

You can lend your support by making quick, easy, and safe Online one time donation or subscribing to fixed monthly donations. Your Donations are Tax Deductible.

Please feel free to contact us for additional info or alternate donation options:

Phone: 651-252-1829


This is a new Masjid building project. Donate for Masjid / Mosque building project to earn Sadqa-e-Jariyah/perceptual charity that continues to earn your reward even after death. But, donations for Masjid building project should be from Halal sources. Please consult with reliable Scholars/Ulima in this regard.


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