Soul in Inter-space (barzakh)

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawz?yyah rahimahullah explains the condition of the souls in this intermediary realm in his renowned work, Kit?b al-r?h. He mentions that everyones soul is in the following different stations within Inter-space :

1) A?l? ?illyin (The highest station): This station is exclusive for the Prophets (alaihim al-sal?m). Even in this station, there are different echelons and spheres.

2) In green birds: These are the souls of the martyrs who did not have any debt outstanding. Some martyrs will not receive this station due the debts they owe.

3) Courtyards at the gates of Paradise: The souls of the pious believers will dwell here.

4) Graves: souls of a percentage of the righteous believers will be in their respective graves.

5) Earth: a number of wretched souls will be constrained to the Earth. They will not be privileged to go to the Heavens.

6) Cauldrons: The souls of the fornicators will be gathered in these huge cauldrons.

7) Rivers of blood: The souls of the evil ones will be drowning in rivers of blood whilst being pelted with boulders.

8) Sijj?n: The souls of the disbelievers will be shackled in this realm which is situated beneath the seventh Earth.

The higher the station, the more the soul will be entertained with the blessings of Allah. Likewise, the lower the station, the more wrath and torment will be let loose on the soul.

May Allah Ta??l? make us from amongst the ones who dwell in the highest of stations. Ameen.

Every person should be striving to attain the highest of ranks in the Hereafter. The real winner is he who attains a lofty rank and a real loser is he who loses the opportunity to attain a rank. Once we leave this world, nothing materialistic will be of any benefit. If we contemplate on these ranks and the events we have to still attend, it will most certainly motivate us to please Allah the Almighty.

There are some deeds every Muslim should do daily without fail to safeguard his/her faith. Below is a checklist which everybody should try and adhere to. Every night, take account of yourself and see if you practised the 5 points.

Men must perform their 5 times sal?h in the masjid with the congregation. Likewise, women should perform 5 times sal?h at home in the recommended time.

Recite a portion of the Qur?n daily according to ones capacity.

1) Study the English translation of the Qur?n for 10-15 minutes daily. We recommend Ma?riful Qur?n by Mufti Muhammad Shafi sahib or Tafseer Uthmani by Maulana Shabeer Ahmed Uthmani sahib (Allah have mercy on them).

2) Perform zikr (remembrance of Allah) daily. The recitation of 100 times Salaw?t on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), a 100 times Istighf?r and a 100 times third kalimah some time in the morning and evening.

3) Do your utmost to fulfil the rights of people. Do not oppress or hurt anyone.

If there is a downpour of rain and we see shelter, we immediately run to that shelter. Likewise, when there is a downpour of trials, the shelter is the company of the pious and god-fearing. Frequent the gatherings of the pious in your locality. Also, try and spend some time with the brothers in Tabl?gh Jam?ah. It is a praiseworthy work with the sole aim of refreshing and reviving the faith of the people.